Monday, August 6, 2012

The Sleeping Beast

 The Table is set...

The Energy is building...

Steadily IT grows...

Gaining Momentum

Becoming what it may...

...All the while...

The Beast Sleeps


...Seriously though...
I'm beginning a new body of work to show in 
New Show Title:
Dreamchord Luxe
New Paintings, Drawings and Digital Collage
I'll keep you

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What do Deepak Chopra, AbcCarpet&Home, + Donovan Have in common? That's what I thought...

As I was (cyber) window shopping and looking at some new design ideas, trends and directions for my next 'new line'. I was absolutely thrilled, shocked and thankful to find a new direction, a new concept, a new trend alright- but not one I was expecting.
I discovered the grass roots movement of compassion, peace, love + divinity has risen right to the top of the food chain. I found a company with a heart, a soul and a determination to make a difference.
Kudos to Abc Carpet & Home for being one of the leaders in what I call the corporate consciousness movement. I was shocked, and moved to tears by following link after link on their site that supports their vision, their mission. We can all continue to make a difference if we keep the vision in the center of our hearts + at the core of our business plan.
I am thankful (even if it's painful) to be here, see and help make these changes become a reality.
 Here is an interesting look at 'mini
earth'...eye opening

Conversation with Deepak Chopra & Donovan, musician, poet and
2012 rock & roll hall of fame inductee, celebrating his visionary commitment to ushering in
peace, love & divinity through music.
♥In the coming weeks, I will surely be creating new designs for the shop...and I will also be creating gift bundles for sale...where the purchases benefit those (animals, children, people) in need with a low or no footprint. 
I'll be back...and hope you join me ♥

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY~ Wedding and Eco Ceremony Decor~Budget + User Friendly!

I have collected 23 Amazing craft projects from Casa Sugar you can do

...for your wedding, your summer party...

or just because you're feelin' crafty today!


Not every bride is especially crafty, but with an abundance of easy-to-follow tutorials that yield impressive results, every bride is tempted to be! Whether you're looking for creative solutions for table numbers or still need a breathtaking backdrop for exchanging vows, here are some stylish options you won't want to miss. With difficulty levels ranging from simple day-of assemblage to slightly more laborious projects, you're destined to find something that suits your DIY-capabilities♥

These clay table numbers and flags will last far after the wedding is over. 
I like the idea of re-purposing the flags for cocktail parties and the numbers for custom address plates.

Add an element of surprise to your wedding invitations by lining them with vintage book pages

Add a bit of neon and metallic to your tables with these simple table numbers

 looks like a bunch of roses on first glance, but a closer look reveals a clever DIY.

Add bohemian flair to cocktail hour with these feather drink sticks.

Instead of using paper globes to light up your reception, consider crafting some string chandeliers instead.

These rattan ball lights only require a trip to the dollar store and some easy assemblage.

Fringed tassel banners add amazing texture and color to any venue.

Lacey doilies make the perfect cones. I especially love how they look with colorful petals.

This floral backdrop would look stunning as a ceremony focal point.

These wreaths add flair to classic terracotta pots

These pink parasol drink sticks would be perfect for a Summer outdoor wedding.
I want to make these for our

These pinwheel favors double as a seating chart. I love the idea of incorporating them into an outdoor wedding so that they can spin in the breeze.

This oversized fabric garland chandelier would be lovely for the bride and groom's table.
I want one in my Studio!

These sailor knot place settings are perfect for a nautical wedding
Because you are 'Tying the Knot'!

Encourage a surreal effect at your wedding with these oversized flowers 

Use the ever popular pinwheel in an unusual way with this DIY table runner.

United thrifted vases with this painting project.
I want to do this just because it's so pretty!

You won't believe how this eco wedding chandelier was created!

Learn how to make flowers like zinnias have a Midas touch.

Learn how to make a similar rustic branch candleholder 

and finally...
 This festive badge just needs a couple of holes and twine to be tied to the back of the bride's chair.

See You Next Week for another little something or other you can create at home

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY Art Project for Spring!

I have been teaching these classes awhile now.

Everybody says the same thing:

"I can't even draw a stick figure"

Then...a couple of hours later...

VoilĂ !

They have created a frame-able piece of art.

Let's warm up by pretending to be Jackson Pollock
With this Sweet Widget:
Click in the blank space below
Then again on the color to change it...this is your warm up for the real thing!

There are no mistakes possible...only things you don't like, and those can all be changed!

give yourself permission
and try this project
courtesy of
oh happy day
at home!!

 I strongly believe in supporting your local artists, and the local arts & crafts movement
Until you can afford the abstract piece of your dreams here are some tips on making your own.

Materials Needed: 2 Large Canvases 40″ x 40″ $20/each (depending where you get them...) a few large brushes 2.5″ wide $5, several tubes of acrylic paint $4/tube  In total this cost $70. That’s $35 each for a huge piece of art. There are no framing costs because with canvas like this you don’t need to frame it.

A few notes: I know abstract art looks “easy” but anyone who has tried it can attest it can be difficult to get just right. I would recommend getting some cheap small 10″x 10″ canvases to practice color and composition and technique before you you try it on a big one. 
This will save you time and money in the long run. 
This project does takes a while.
 Take your time and keep in mind you are working in layers.

Step One: Tone the Canvas.  The first layer you’ll tone the canvas with another color other than plain white. This is so when the under painting shows through it will show texture instead of plain white. For this, just mix lots of yellows with white and grey. Get a clean spray bottle of water, spray your canvas...use lots of water, get sloppy and just try to have variation.
Paint the edges. Then let it dry.

 Step Two: Draw out some compositions you like. You may not stick to this but it's nice to have a guide to start off of.
Once you have a plan, began blocking out some colors. A big part of this project is getting comfortable mixing paint. This is the part most people struggle with-it's okay, you will improve over time.

Basically, you start with a base color and add either white to lighten it (a tint), or black or a darker color to darken it (a shade).
Make sure to add extra water to thin out the paint. I always say in the class..."water is your friend!".
Keep your paint and your canvas pretty wet.
You can add smudges and streaks on that layer without thinking about it too much since its only the second layer. Then let it dry.

Step Three: Now you’ll want to start to get more serious about what it looks like.
Sometimes abstract art looks simple but after working through a few variations you may find your favorite compositions seemed simple but when you actually look closer and break it down, it is made up of complicated shapes.

For example look at the painting on the left. The red and the blue look simple but in the close up you can see there are lots of layers and streaks and lines so that it looks interesting. Keep making small adjustments until you like it.
 So if you are getting frustrated take a break and come back when your mind is clear.
Be experimental and keep trying things (adding white etc) until you are happy with it.

Step Four: Start to play around with the colors you want to compliment the top layer. You can see we also went through and lightened up the edges with some off white paint to make the painting feel brighter. At this point we were starting to like it but it needed to feel pulled together.

Step Five: In the final painting session, you're going to perfect the composition.
Block in some brighter colors and then make them meet in interesting ways with different lines and shapes. Here is how the final turned out. You can see that with the final layer there are 15-20 colors and 12 or so blocked out colors in the center. The main thing is to keep trying different colors  and shapes until you are happy with it. 

If you get frustrated...don't give up!!
Simply set your piece aside, and wait for your 'mojo' to return.
It will, and you will finish your piece...and be so proud of your new found skill!

Hearts until next time,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some DIY Spring Projects...and other sweet spring stuff

Getting in the MOOD for

Searching out pretty and practical designs 
to give a little kick start to this (snowy) March Day

(it's almost St.Pat's Day for cripes sake!)

This week, I'm inspired by bold walls that celebrate Spring. Undeniably feminine, but more fresh than saccharine, these rooms are less about the items that fill the space. Whether it's a single focal point or a room with floor to ceiling patterns, these 2 spaces provide a perennial garden that won't fade with the seasons.
 (from casa sugar)

instead of a headboard

Want, Love, Need This
 $49 Porcelain Hippo

No need to arrange floral centerpieces when you have a perennial succulent garden in the middle of your table!
It's made with 2 Pallets
DIY Here- I'm Gonna!!

Or make your own Succulent Art!
Check out this easy 
Succulent Art Project

And a DIY
Paper Lantern Project
for inside or outside

These projects ought to keep you busy for a while, 
I will be back next week with some DIY Abstract Art Projects for you :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Magic is Art, Art Sanctifies

"I believe that Magic is Art and Art whether it be music, writing, sculpture or any other, is literally magic. Art, like any magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words or images, to achieve changes in consciousness... Indeed to cast a spell is simply to manipulate words, to change people's consciousness, and this is why I believe that an artist or a writer is the closest thing in the contemporary world to a Shaman." Alan Moore

A breathtaking look at our magical planet
(long, but well worth watching)

Driftwood Magician

A Slow Chair...seems magically alive
using collected branches
From  Bo Reudler

...and a Slow White Cabinet
using found wood for legs
the magic of
 Bo Reudler

Palette Knife Magic
creating motion with a knife and paint

Capturing the Light
magical moment
yet still moving

A Painter's magical brush strokes meet his magical mind's eye

Art meets Fashion, Sculpture
Magical Styling

Nautilus Chairs
Crafting magic out of wood
detail, precision, craft

A papier mache Elephant
made out of lace
captures imagination and wonder
...a magical skill...

A Rocking Deer
Papier Mache
Whimsical, Beautiful
Magically whisks me away

So much art, in so many forms
Thank you, fellow artists for your bravery and dedication to your own brand of
Special Magic